Friday Favourites 02

Welcome back to the 2nd instalment of my Friday favourites, where I share my favourite things that will vary from week to week. This week I am going to share with you my current favourite skin care items to battle this heatwave we are having here in London. To style inspiration to some happy quotes, because who doesn’t love a quote?

I have been loving Love Island, but who hasn’t?! So I won’t go on about it even though I am bursting to talk about it. Little G! Wes? Meghan (big eye roll)

Okay enough about that and back to what you all came here for. This misconception at this time of year is that you  can skip skincare or be a little lazy because of the heat – that is super incorrect. With the sun and the loss of water your skin needs to be pampered more than it does in the winter. My skin has been a little bit more sensitive due to the weather, SPF and maybe the unhealthy eat too (sorry PT, Lotti) that is when I turn to this very simple skin care regime.

Avene is so simple, and there is no harsh ingredients in it that it really calms the skin, but also boosts it with hydration when it needs it the most. Their creams and serums might appear to be too much at first in this heat, but once they sink into the skin, you will feel that hydration throughout the day. Plus their facial mist, is the best thing in this heat – if you want to be extra – which I am. I keep one in the fridge and oh boy is it a treat!

I use the drunk Elephant treatment to exfoliate my skin, with the weather being so horrid I want to clean my skin and all the dead skin off my face. Do not use this more that a once or twice a week because it is a chemical exfoliating. It sounds scary but I promise you it is not. I will do a in depth review on it soon – so keep your eyes peeled. Now once you have used this, or something like this make sure you use SPF on your face. No one wants premature wrinkles. Another thing that may seem odd to use in this heat is an oil, but this Clarins one is not an oily oily. I mean it has the texture of an oil but it is not too thick that it feels horrible to wear at night. Your skin needs that little boost to get ready for another day of over heating and losing watch, so treat it well!!!

Here are some images has been inspiring me. From Zimmerman, to straw accessories, to mini bags, these have been making me excited to dress for this weather.


I am not one for couple goals etc, because everyones love story is a Disney movie to them. But I stumbled across this on my Twitter and this showed me that true love exists:


Everyone needs a lighten brightening up, and these have made me smile:

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