The Summer Re-Boot

 The summer boot, a black dress and a fabulously summery bag is just what every Chloe Girl needs, and no I not referring to my little fluffy child!

Dress – Zara
Boots – Chloe
Bag – Chloe (sold out and a previous season – see below for alternatives)

The summer boot is always a must, especially here in London. Despite us being graced with glorious weather the last few months, that doesn’t mean that the weather Gods don’t throw in a day of shocking weather into the mix. The summer boot is there for those days and also to for that relaxed boho vibe plus that western vibe. For me the Chloe look (in the sense of the brand, not my fluffy puppy who of course is fabulous but in the summer she seems to join a nudist colony) is something I do enjoy emulating in the summer. I love the relaxed French girl vibe with a hint of a boho ease. There is nothing like a pair of Chloe boots to make you feel like a true Chloe Girl! I must say they are probably one of the most comfortable shoes I own, plus they were easy to wear from the first time I wore them. No blisters or wearing them in, which is a blessing. There is nothing worse than investing in a pair of shoes, and your feet being shrewd to ribbons!

I would always recommend the Chloe Susanna boots to anyone looking for a summer boot, but now Chloe has some new styles which I have included below as well as some fabulous high street dupes if you do not want to invest in this trend. I have to say this style of shoe I have loved for years and was a worhty investment in my wardrobe becasue I never had to repurchase anything like it again.


The Chloe Boot:

The High Street Alternative:

Black dresses are not usually something that people gravitate towards but I love dresses in the summer too. Simply because it elevates the look immediately and makes you look like you have made some effort. Also it hides all the sins of eating too much or drinking too much, and if you’re like me it hides all the evidence of my clumsiness. What can I say, I am a messy eater!

The High End:

The High Street :



Photos by Michela Efford

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