Ring My Bell

Let’s discuss about my favourite item of jewellery, rings! I love rings, and I always have. Whether it’s a cocktail ring, or a simple little dainty ring or a bunch of stacking rings it’s a constant in my wardrobe. I love that a rings add a little sparkle everyday. Who doesn’t want to sparkle?

As I have gotten older I have become a lot more appreciative of higher quality of jewellery. Whether that be of the metals or the quality of the stones, because I am so sick of getting attached to a ring and it tarnishing and me having to get rid of them. I love to invest in my jewellery now, because as the saying goes “diamonds are forever“, or in my diamonds and all the blue stones in the world, you will see what I mean.
I want to share with you 3 of my favourite brands right now to indulge in some sparkles.
1.Monica Vinader (Stacking Rings & Cocktail Ring)
Now, everyone knows this brand and for a good reason. It’s a little more affordable and all the beautiful and sparkly pieces are gorgeous. They are well know for their stacking rings and it’s because you can personalise your stack to suit you style, from different coloured metals to all the colours of the rainbow. I just love that you can collect your stack over the years and stack them all one finger or wear them on every finger, like phoebe from friends. It also has some gorgeous statement rings, such as the one I am wearing (the one with the 3 rows of wavy-ness). I love the simplicity of al the designs, there is nothing too out there and wearable, because you can wear these cocktail style rings everyday in more causal way.

2. Annina Vogel (The Blue Heart Ring & Pinky Ring)
I am a huge fan of vintage jewellery but sometimes it feels a little be too dated, I know that sounds like an oxymoron but hear me out. I love vintage styles or even the actually jewellery itself, I love the fact that a particular item has lived a life or lives before you with lots of exciting stories to tell! I spotted the brand the one day whilst browsing the isles of Liberty. What caught my eyes were the amazing sparkly rings and the beautiful charm braces and necklaces. What I love is that the brand takes a piece of vintage jewellery and reworks it in actual gold or rose gold. For example, the heart ring lived before as just that little heart bit with the turquoise stone, and then the brand worked into a dainty ring. The pinky ring lived in the Victorian times, and now has been turned into this pretty little pinky ring which has a beautiful bit of a twist detail.
I love that the brands jewellery is unique piece of jewellery, and no one would have it. Selfish I know, all jokes aside I love that the rings are not everywhere and made of actual gold so there is no tarnishing which is amazing because there is nothing worse than your favourite ring going black.

3.Dinny Hall (Blue Cockatil Ring)
I spotted Dinny Hall a few years whilst browsing the kings road, and then I did see a massive social media presence of the brand but I only seemed to see all the hoops they had on offer, which is an amazing and unique range of hoops! I found my self back in the Dinny Hall store in Notting Hill and I fell in love with all the gorgeous stones and colours in the store. They had a fabulous collection of precious stones, I had to stop my self from drooling over the delicious colours. I think we can all see I have an obsession with blue stones and you can see why. Look at that blue sparkly blue topaz!


Photos by Anastasija JE 

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