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Happy Fri-YAY everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week, and you all have something nice planned to enjoy the sun. I plan on eating all the ice cream and sitting outside in the sun like the little coconut that I am. This is a little new series I want to start on the blog, where I share with you my current favourites from the week. It will vary from week to week, may it be beauty focused or lifestyle focused. Or like this first one it will be pick and mix of everything.

Favourite Summer Essentials, ft. Podcasts, Water In A Can & Dogs:


Hair Clip – Anthropologie

Bracelet – Isabel Marant 

We have been having a heatwave this week in London, and I have been loving it and hating it all at the same time. Loving it because it feels like everyone in London is in a better mood when it is sunny and delicious. But hating it because London is not equipped for hot weather, so every house is like a green house and I am currently sitting on one of Chloe’s cooling mats (she is not pleased). Water in a can is essentially what this product is, but it is so much more, the Avène Thermal Skin Water is a can which produces the best fine facial mist to spray on your face, or your whole body. I was recommended this spray when I had a facial irritation a few years ago and now it has become a must have in my skin care shelf. It is perfect to use when the weather is super warm, and your too hot, sun burnt or just as a part of your summer skin care routine.

Then because of this wonderful sunshine these Le Specs sunnies have been a permanent fixture in my handbag. Which I am super glad bout because I bought these and did not think I would wear them as much as I have. They have become a firm favourite this summer, the black lens really keep the sun out of your eyes which is perfect for when I am driving too! Plus these are not ridiculously mini sunglasses, which honestly I do not get the point of if they do not protect your eyes from the sun.

By now everyone must know that I love dogs! Not just love them, I am obsessed with them. Since I was a little girl I have tried to convince my parents to allow me to have a 100 dogs, so instead they would get me dog books to fulfil that need of wanting a 100 dogs, but without actually having them. If you get my drift. For me a dog photo book is the best present, my ex-boyfriend bought me loads of dog books, and so have friends because I can sit in a little corner and just flick through the pages and instantly its a mood improver. Then instagram came along and I think I most follow dog accounts, plus I have a million photos of Chloe. So as you can see, I love dogs, ALOT! I came across this book and its the happiest little book, filled with dogs from instagram and it makes me so happy! So, so happy! If you do see this in a book shop, go an give a little flip through. Its so cute!

I love Podcasts so much, especially for when I am driving or cleaning around the house. If you are a fan of Queer Eye fron Netflix you will know who Jonathan Van Ness is. He is my spirit animal, he is fabulous, kind and a hilarious human whose hair is so bloody gorgeous. He has a podcast called Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness. We now live in a world where information is at our finger tips, but just because the information is there in black and white sometimes it is more interesting to hear about certain topics from a person. Jonathan talks to a variety of people about different topics, from super serious matters to random life topics. One of his recent episodes include one of his Fab 5 co-stars and another favourite of mine (who am I kidding, I love all of the Fab 5 – please be my friends guys?) Tan France. Tan is a little brown fashionable member of the Fab 5 and he is the first openly gay Pakistani man on television, I think. This episode was very emotional and as a brown girl who comes from Sri Lanka and grew up in the UK I completely relate to everything Tan said about his community and how they look at the LGBTQ community. As someone who has family members who are apart of this community too I found this episode really useful and I also shared it with my family and they loved it, and found it very useful as it opened their eyes to how scary it is for a little brown boy or girl to come out. And the fears they have about being open, and the sadness they may feel when their backs are turned on them. I found Tan France an inspiration for talking about his experience so openly, and he has no idea how many lives he has touched!

There are more episodes that really go into more of the dark side and the fun sides of the LGBTQ community and as a big supporter of them (and it being pride month) I found it very inspiring and educational and it opened my eyes to a lot of things that people do not talk about. He also discusses other topics too, which are super interesting, like artificial intelligence, what it is like to be a woman in the army, Brexit and more. Go have a listen, it is educational plus with Jonathan’s wonderful personality it really does brighten up my drive or makes me happy whilst cleaning the kitchen!


Favourite Smell:

My current scent favourite so far this summer has been Jo Malone (surprise surprise, if anyone who knows me is reading this will know that I have a shelf in my bathroom that basically looks like a Jo Malone store – basically I am a fan!).

Jo Malone USP has always been about combining fragrances that complement each other and bring out the notes of each fragrance to create a unique scent to you. You can combine the body products with a cologne, or two colognes like I have been doing. The English Pear and Freesia what my first ever scent and it is gorgeous and light, and is the perfect summer fragrance because it will not suffocate you with anything too strong. Mix this with the Peony and Blush Suede scent, which is one of their more girly scents, and the combination of the two really balance things out to create the most delicious summer scent. That is not too girly, but has the right amount of girly-ness. Go on give it a spritz and smell it for yourself, you can thank me later!


Favourite Beauty Bits:


These 3 products have really helped me in my skincare during this hot weather.
  1. If there was one thing you had to try, it is the Dior Glow Booster. This is the best product ever, I know that is a very big statement to make, but this the only product that I have used where I saw results instantly. It is essentially a vitamin C serum, it has more vitamin C than an orange apparently. It has an exfoliating effect thanks to the Kakadu plum, which leaves the skin invigorated and gives it a gorgeous glow. It helps improve the texture of your skin because it helps exfoliate your skin to help reveal a glowy complexion. I know the word exfoliating can seem scary, but it is  not I promise. This is a light serum, which use at night and it has no funny smells, or tingly feeling. It comfortable and glorious to wear especially at this time of year.
  2. The Jo Malone Body oil, not only smells divine but it also gives your limps that extra boost of moisture. Which helps them glisten like the VS angel limps do.
  3. The Oribe new shampoo has quickly become my favourite shampoo, it is super gentle and if you have sensitive skin like I do you need to give this one a go. I have psoriasis and I used to have it really badly, so now that I have manage to get rid of it on my scalp I am very fussy and nervous about trying anything new, but this shampoo has not affected my scalp at all (touch wood). It also leaves my curly locks all moisturised and smooth.


What are your current favourites? Leave me a comment down below.


Happy Fri-YAY!

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