Crushing On Linen

Nothing says summer quite like some linen.


Linen is that fabric we all love and hate all at the same time for the summertime! Love because it’s breathable, hate because as soon as you breath in anything linen it crushes and makes you look like you have literally taken something out the wash and not ironed it. Let’s be honest here, I have done that before. But all jokes aside, besides the crushing aspect linen is always a great material in the summer time and oh hell you just embrace that crush like an awful ex of yours and enjoy the time you have to enjoy linen.

I bought a suit this summer because, by now you will know that I love s suit because its versatile. I can wear both pieces separately, and the trousers are so high waisted even I can wear a crop top (because I do not like my tummy area). Also I can throw on that blazer over any outfit on summers night as a shield against the summer breeze.  Secondly, I love the idea of a linen suit, its dressy and casual all at the same time. I know you must be shaking you head at a linen suit, that will crease more than a sphinx cat, but this number does not crush as much because its a linen mix. Genius!

Linen is super easy to style up, I love to add in something fun with my accessories, as you can se I have style up this suit with some fun shoes, and a colourful little bag to add some life into this neutral outfit. But if you are on holiday all you need is some slides and a basket and slides and you will be the epitome of summer in your linen look.

I have done an edit done below of all my favourite summer linen picks, you should check these pieces out. I do not seem to invest too much in linen, firstly because I live in London and this hot summer is as long as a Love Island romances, plus I never want to spend too much money on this material. Happy Summer!!

 Trousers – Topshop
Blazer – Topshop
T-shirt – And Other Stories
Shoes – Manolo Blahnik 
Bag – Olympia Le Tan (here is a similar design)

The Linen Dress:
The Linen Jumpsuit:
The Linen Trouser:

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