3 Playful Items To Add To Your Summer Wardrobe

3 items you need for to add into your summer wardrobe for that little bit of fun and summer vibes.

1. Playsuits come out to play in the summer, but I’m not the biggest fan of one because they usually give me a wedgie and they are too short and they are just too cheeky if you get my drift! Then walks in the Zimmerman. Their playsuits are flowy and gorgeous, the materials are soft and comfortable. This Australian brand really knows how to do summer clothes, that is why they are everyones summer wardrobe essential. Yes it is short, but the shorts are not tight, they are just a lovely fit and all the playsuits are just divine and honestly worth the money, because Zimmerman outfits never date, that is because Zimmerman do not change their silhouettes too much and just the patterns which make them a great investment into your summer wardrobe.



2. Bum bags are very cool this summer (why are they called bum bag anyway!? They are not on your bum, and a fanny pack sounds rude but I get more appropriate but this is not debate on the name of this style of bag but the bag itself.) to be honest I found them all too bulky on me, I tried the Gucci one and then the fabulous Gucci dupes from the high street and none of them fit my style. Then I found this glorious number from Chloe was just too perfect. Yes it is tiny, but it fits in all my essentials and since I have got this bag I have worn it none stop. It is super handy, please appreciate the punny use of words here because your hands are free. Side note, if you are a puppy mummy like me, these bags are the dream for a dog walk! No more faffing about with your bag, and poop bags and the dog!!


Bum bag:

3. The summer shoe is usually a wedge and if I am completely honestly I am not the world biggest fan of them I know they are the practical etc but they are just not my vibe. But these gorgeous ones from Castañer X Manolo Blahnik are my summer shoe obsession.


Castañer X Manolo Blahnik:



Photos by Michela Efford

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