Brighten Up Your Mood With Some Colour


Does colour really effect your mood?


Adding colour makes such a difference. Once someone told me that the colour you wear does affect your mood and your demeanour and I didn’t believe this at all!!!! I am quite a neutral girl, and it was a reflection I guess on my mood and things happening in my life at that time. I was that meme that’s says; “do you have that in black?

But over the last few months I have really embraced colour in a big way, from bags or shoes and now I have really ventured off and got a red dress or 3. I have really enjoyed injecting some colour into my otherwise very neutral and grey wardrobe. Honestly, it was scary at first but after adding these pieces I have not looked back. I really do feel like styling up colour doesn’t mean buying a new wardrobe but picking colours that really suit the wardrobe you already have.

Going back to colour changing your mood, I do think this is the case. Because 10 years ago I would wear very bold colours and was vibrant and not scared of wearing colour and honestly I loved it. But after getting into my 20’s with big life changes (more on that later on) and jobs that meant I just stayed in a very neutral and safe zone. One of my best friends and flat mate at the time was the complete opposite and I used to shudder at the thought of investing in anything colorful, and even said to me – go get some colour!

One day I looked in my wardrobe and it was miserable, black, grey with a splash of white and that’s when I realised my wardrobe was a complete reflection of my mental head space and I needed to inject some happiness and brightness back in my life! If colour scares you – look at your current wardrobe and see what colour goes well with everything you have. No, white is not a colour option! Red, try red. It’s a neutral colour almost, I know that sound wear but it truly is. It goes with a lot of colours, Black, white, navy & even a cheeky bit of pink.

Dress – Ghost 

Bag – Zara but similar here & here

Shoes – Charlotte Olympia (sold out) here is the heel version

Earrings – Zara

Necklace – Monica Vinader

Red Dresses:

What is your current colour obsession? Mine is red at the moment as well as yellow. I have linked some of my favourite dresses, including some fabulous ones from Ghost fashion because I think it’s a super underrated brand for summer dresses!!!


Ghost Dresses:

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