2 Jewellery Brands You Need This Summer

I like gooooold (in the gold member voice from Austin Powers). With summer approaching and the peeling away of the jackets and knitwear (I hope I am not tempting faith here) it’s time for the jewellery to shine and take centre stage.

At the moment the two big trends that I am very obsessed with is big earrings and the coin necklace. I would have never thought I would have got back into wearing huge earrings again, I feel like my 15 year old wardrobe is being re-opened with the revival of the 90’s and early 2000’s (oh gosh this ages me).



This is a brand that I am sure you have been seeing a lot of. They are known for their gorgeous coin necklaces, and these are no ordinary coin necklaces, their coins almost look like something some would have excavated during an archeological adventure. Everything is so beautifully made and has gorgeous details to them that make the brand so unique. Everything is not smooth and polished down, it is slighted rough and textured to give it that more antique feel.  Each item of jewellery has a unique-ness to them, from the pendant shapes, to the asymmetric earrings Alighieri never gets it wrong. Since I got this necklace I have not taken it off because look at it, it is almost like a piece of art around my necklace. Plus I have to say that this necklace gets a lot of compliments and questions, and I can see why.

Check out their full collection here & here. They are coming out with Zodiac coins which I am very excited about!

My Alighieri Picks:


This is a brand that has a huge Instagram presence and a favourite of a lot of bloggers and celebrities. I can see why, they are very reasonable priced gorgeous pieces that are fabulous quality. They are also very on trend with all their pieces and at the price point that they are at the give you great quality pieces as well as the fix you would want for any given season. To be honest I have had some of my pieces from Missoma for over 2-3 years and they are still gorgeous.

Their collaborations with Lucy Williams is always amazing and always on point, and of course with Lucys fabulous sense of style and eye for designer all her pieces instantly become a cult piece of jewellery that everyone has to get their hands on. Like this divine pair of earrings from her latest collection, I am obsessed.

Another thing I need to mention about Missoma which gives it 100 brownie points is the delivery service they provide, it is free and it arrives the next day which is so amazing if you are impatient hippo like me.

My Missoma Picks:


What are your favourite jewellery brands at the moment? Please let me know in the comments below. I have also included more of my jewellery lust list below if you want to get some inspiration to dress you neck or ears this summer.

Here are some other pieces of gold jewellery that I am lusting after.

Gold Necklaces:

Gold Earrings: 

Monica Vinader Necklaces That I Love: 

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