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Music is something I think we can all say is a world wide addiction, which is not a bad thing. Actually, I take that back! There is some new music out there that sounds like a bunch of elephants have got together and are trying to figure out how to use a DJ set! Okay now enough about me taking the piss out of the oh so cool music – and lets have a little chat about music. I think like perfumes, music captures a snapshot of our lives and keeps it immortal within the lyrics of that song forever.

I thought It would be fun to share some little snap shots of my life with you through the little universe of sound that I have created through out my life.

  •  The Spice Girls songs remind me of junior school, when my best friends would come round and we would sing along to their songs, pretending we were the Spice Girls (obviously I was Baby Spice).
  • The Lion King sound track  was the anthem to my young years – I even named my dog Simba!
  • The Backstreet Boys remind me of when my friends and I were getting ready to go to Senior School and that awkward time in our life when we were navigating puberty (well I had no boobs – so there was that!) and everyones first crushes! Mine was Nick Carter – and anyone who knows me would tell you my first boyfriend had a Nick Carter Haircut (cringe!)
  • Then there were songs like I Dare You to Move by Switchfoot, or I’ll Be by Edwin McCain that remind me of falling for my first love.
  • Britney Spears was my girlllllllllll (and still is), ah remember I am Slave for you!! It made me want to get my belly button pierced, which I did do because I obviously wanted to look like Britney Spears at VMA’s, all sexy in a tiny skirt, but sans snake for me please.
  • Oh, Christina Aguilera went through her change over phase – which was interesting and so were my fashion choices!
  • Beyonce came a long of ran my world!
  • I was always a musical queen, so there is that.
  • Then all those fun songs by Sean Paul, or Rihanna etc that would remind me of my later teenage years and the club (ah the good old days of me being skinny and wearing skimpy clothes).
  • Adele’s Somebody like you – as cliche as it sounds was the first song I heard after my first ever break up and it captured that moment.
  • I’m Yours & Wild Things by Alessa Cara takes me back to a very happy time in my life – it was when I started to feel good in myself again – oh and of course Beyonce album drop! 
  • Ludoivico Einaudi takes me back to when I had to study for exams – and it still calms me!
  • Now the Greatest Showman and Black Panthers sound track is what I am currently listening to exclusively.

Now back to the fashion side of things – I used to solely wear dresses and skirts when I went out but over the years my style had changed and evolved and I seem to rarely want to wear skirts or dresses. Basically I do not like to dress up like a pretty little lady any more (if you saw the skirts I wore 10 years ago – I would not call that dressing up like a pretty lady either!). I am also a monochromatic girl at heart but I do like to inject some fun into my wardrobe and thats where Rixo London prints come in! I love all the prints they bring out because they are fun and colourful and yet wearable. I fell in love with this space print – I had been seeing it everywhere and and I think it fit perfectly in my wardrobe. What I also love about Rixo London is that all their pieces are sexy without being that cliche way of being sexy. This skirt for example is a very fun and cute print, but pair it with those slits and some over the knee boots and I felt quite sexy in this ensemble. Plus its still cold in England and we are recovering from the Beast From The East! I have previously sang the praises Of Rixo London over on this blog post here. If you have not got anything from them, you really should, they are an incredible brand that is hitting the fashion world like a big meteor shower filled with amazing pieces (enough with the jokes – I am sorry).

But all jokes aside Rixo is the perfect way to elevate your party wear, to a fun and playful and let’s not forget sexy little number. You do not need to wear these with just over the knee boots or heels, you could wear this in the day time with some trainers and comfy knit paired with a leather jacket. That is something that I love about this length of skirt, it has no limitations when it comes to styling it!

Space Print:
The Boots That Are Out Of This World:

Other Fun Prints From Rixo If This Print is not Rocking Your World:





Photos by Anastasija JE 

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