Jump Into A Jumpsuit

Long live the days of me wearing tight skirts and crop tops, or does anyone remember the bandage dresses!!!!? Oh god no, not anymore. Back then I was a lot skinnier and I had not developed (boobs wise) and those outfits might have been a lot more easier to navigate. When I think back to my party days I would love to wear a cheeky little skirt, cheeky would be a nice way of referring to the length – and head out for a night on the town. Listening to Sean Paul, Beyonce and lets not forget Pit Bull and his countdown songs.

As I got older the ability to ignore the cold temperatures outside in London seems to have disappears and I have to cover up! Yes, HAVE to! I used to leave my house with just my tiny, microscopic outfit without a jacket or even a scarf. I do not know how, or why or what kind of magic powers I had before. Before anyone says that it was a beer jacket (eww, I do not like beer, so let’s call it a Vodka or Tequila jacket….. ewww bad memories right there, that is a story for another time) I do not think that is true, because even if I am two glasses of wine in now I am colder than a polar bear on a glacier!

Fast forward 10 years or so and now I strictly wear jumpsuits when it comes for going out. Here are 3 reasons why yo need a jumpsuit in your life (need is a strong word I know but I have to say that these bad boys I have changed my life in terms of getting and ready and leaving the house!)

  1. You only have to pick 1 item of clothing! You do not have to stand in front of your clothes and and first complain you have no clothes (because let’s face it that is the first thing we say after looking at our ever so full wardrobes), and then you do not have to to plan an outfit per say because it is already done for you.
  2. This is for the lazy girls, you do not have to do much beauty maintenance in a rush – no rushing to shave your legs ASAP before you leave! All covered up … boom!!!
  3. The are comfortable, do I need to say anymore!

Side note: the only down side to wearing a jumpsuit is getting in and out of them sometimes (depending on the suit) when you need to go potty. Many times I have had to ask strangers in a public toilet to help me get in and put of them. Before I had the balls to do that I stood in a bathroom stall almost in tears because I could not get out of one and I needed to pee! True story.  So I would recommend finding a designated dresser and un-dresser when it comes to night out in a jumpsuit. At my high school 10 year reunion I wore a jumpsuit which I wore in the blog post, andI had to rope in one of my best friends every time I had to pee and gosh did I feel annoying, but it is okay she loves me and I looked fab! Well I hope I did. All I can say is I feel fabulous and that I can take over the world in a jumpsuit, but the moment I have to go pee on a night out is the only time I do reconsider my decision, because girls we all know what a work out it is when you have to go to public pee pee room!!!!!!

Saying that I love jumpsuits and I still wear them all the time. I have to stop my self from buying. Here is my edit of jumpsuits everyone needs.

The one I am wearing is from the lovely Sonali Dharmawardena, who is a fabulous designer from my little island of Sri Lanka, please check out her stuff here on her Instagram.

Wide Legged Jumpsuits:
Colourful jumpsuits:

Cropped Jumpsuits:
My Favourite and go to brand for jumpsuits is Whistles!:



Photos by Anastasija JE 

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