Feminism As Told Through Black Panther

Everyone is talking about this movie and for all the right reasons. It deserves all the excellent reviews and praise –

Within all the cinematic excellence and the great acting & let’s not forget those fabulous rhinos in some fighting gear and Michael b Jordan (of course) there  was some fabulous lessons of feminism hidden within the movie. As it is international women’s day here are some things I picked out that everyone would take away from the movie:

(Heads up I am sorry if I spill any beans about the movie – I have tried very hard not too!)

  1. Wakanda was protected by women and men where the army was headed by a beautiful and strong lady boss  – and there was a beautiful symbiotic relationship between men and women built on mutual respect and admiration towards everyone without focusing on their gender.
  2. The women were respected for their views and expertise and there was no sense of demeaning them. Let’s face it girls this happens a lot in the real world. It was nice to see a strong man taking advice and listening to even his little sister who was the scientist who made all those cool gadgets etc. without no questions asked about her capabilities. It was nice to see women treated as just as the men were. There was no questioning their emotions, or feelings, or thoughts or offering help when no one asked. It was refreshing.
  3. No woman needed saving, they were their own superhero. Plus did also helped the men out in situations too!
  4. Everyone was treated equal – no judgement and no questions!
  5. Even the King in the movie has a love interest who was just not satisfied with being his love solely and she had hopes, dreams and ambitions of her own like most women do in this day in age. It was so nice to see a man who was in such a powerful position listen to his love, take it in and come up with a way for them to both fulfil their dreams and support her in her endeavours without demanding her to follow him on his journey.
  6. There is nothing wrong for fighting for the man you love. Normally everyone will tell you to be your own person and be independent – and if you should know anything about me I am all about that, be your own woman and be fiercely independent and you do not need a man to complete you (hand me a bra and let me light is up!). All jokes  aside  there is nothing wrong with being a strong woman who loves her man and wants to save him and take care of him. Basically nurture the little man or woman baby of your life!
  7. Another thing that I loved about the movie was breaking away from people’s idea of people of a particular race or nationality. – But that is not feminism that is another topic for another day.
  8. A shout out has to go out to the men in Black Panther for the amount of respect and love they have to their female counterparts.

I believe that we could all learn some lessons from the movie to empower every woman.  We need to do our part as women to ensure that women all over the world get heard. We cannot expect the men to respect us and treat as as equals unless we as women as willing to do that for each other!





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