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Cardigans are not just for grannies… It is the perfect transitional piece in every persons wardrobe. 

At moment is is freezing here in the UK, despite there being a spring fling going on in the stores. All I can say is I want to fling all my winter clothes away and I still cannot – actually I can at this moment because I am nursing a high fever and I seem to be walking talking heater! Otherwise the only way you would get me out of the house is with a cute top/body with jeans and the cardigan for the evening time. I prefer to wear a cardigan because I think there is something a little bit more dressy and maybe a little bit more sexier about wearing a cardigan. I just it is because there is some skin still on show, like your décolletage and therefore you can highlight those collarbones and wear all the sparkly necklaces and show them off without covering them up under a regular knit.

Cardigans have been having a moment and to be honest they have always been a staple in my wardrobe for many many years. From the time I could fit into my mothers clothing I remember I stole this gorgeously oversized and comfy black cardigan (which I still have because it is the perfect cardigan – but it is also as old as me so I feel a bond with her) I fell in love with them and I have always had a bunch. From patterned ones, to coloured ones, neutrals and even long ones they are the perfect way to get through the traditional season times as well as when you have to head out in the evening and it is CHILLY! When the spring decides to join the fling that has  begun around the nation, then all you need a glorious cardigan to keep you nice and snug as a bug in a rug.

Neutral Caridgans:


Long lined Cardigans:

The Not So Long Cardigans:

Colourful & Patterns:

Let’s Not Forget The Cutest Flats In The World:


Photos by Michela Efford

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