Tempted To Have A Spring Fling

Winter whites are always a great idea to inject a little life into a miserably grey (and I am not just talking about the weather) wardrobe.


I do not know about you but I am getting sick of all my clothes at the moment and the factor that it is so cold outside does not make me feel the most inspired to get dressed in the morning in an exciting outfit. Winter is very much still here! And it’s depressing and it truly reflects in the way I dress! I’m always in dark colours or just black and just the same clothes and outfits. But I have found the best way to brighten things up and stay warm kids. Winter whites!!!  Wearing all white is the best way to inject a bit of brightness into your outfit, without wearing colour if you are not in the mood. So let’s call this the start of my many spring flings. Well tempting to, it is so cold and therefore there is no way I can wonder aroubd without a coat etc.

Now I could have styled up a white coat, but I find them so unpractical in real life, because I am a coffee drinker and a pet owner oh and the most obvious reason of them all, I live in London. Therefore I cannot justify buying a gloriously white coat that I will be so paranoid in that I will not be able live a proper day out with it on my back. I have seen some delcious white coats that I have linked below that if you are a brave girl you can definitely go shop your little butt off and its is a great colour for a spring coat. I am also not the biggest fan of white shoes for the same reason, I do no think I own a pair of white shoes, except for trainers. Plus I do not think they suit me… or I see white shoes and think BRIDAL, which I am not! So these gorgeous Manolo’ s in a nude colour are the perfect pair of shoes to compliment the all white tones in this outfit, with the satin texture of the shoe, and of course the sparkle. I found a great dupe for these shoes if you do not want to spend all your money on a pair of shoes, which I totally get. Fun story about these shoes is that I got them for 40 per cent off at a random Liberty sale and I knew that was a sign… I know shoe maths is my favourite!

Winter whites Wardrobe Essentials:

My Favourite Shoes In the World:


The Best High Street Dupes:




Photos by Anastasija JE 

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