I See You Boo || The Mini Sunglasses Edit

Mini sunglasses are all the craze. How 90’s-esque!

Now initially I was not so fond of this trend and as anything else in the fashion world the more you see it and all styled up the more you see it possibly fitting into your wardrobe. I then got my hand on the oh so Instagram famous Le Specs Lolita’s and I have not regretted the purchase at all. I got the black and these glorious pink ones with pink lenses. Granted the pink ones are a little much, I think my dad had a little chuckle the first time he saw them. But then again I don’t take his reactions to my wardrobe too seriously because if he had it his way I would be in something floral and pink… I know, does he know his daughter? Anyway, back to the sunglasses. I know that this shape might appear a little bit fashionable and not a classic but honestly the black ones I can see myself wearing for years to come. They are so easy to style up and comfortable to wear. Now I’m the last few months the sunglasses are getting even smaller and more ridiculous let’s say. But then again in London/ the Uk it is not like we need a sun shield!  (Be safe though kids)

Sure some sunglasses are becoming more and more tiny – they are great for a photo sure … but I’m not buying anything for a photo or to make content. Here are my picks for the small but not so ridiculous sunglasses!

Le Specs Favourites:

High End Mini’s:

High Street Mini’s:

Photos by Anastasija JE 

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      February 7, 2018 / 10:36 pm

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