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Long haul flights are not the most fun thing, but I do enjoy sleeping during them as well as treating it as my spa time in the air . Here are my must haves for a flight, from the most indulgent products to the essentials.


When it comes to flights and especially long hauled ones I find that my skin really needs some T.L.C and I feel like I have got a little routine going.

First let me describe my skin type for you, I have quite dry and dehydrated skin which is also very sensitive. Therefore flights equals skin that resembles lizard skin afterwards. Okay that’s an exaggeration but it feels tight and uncomfortable as well as dry. I developed a little flying kit to help me through the flights, granted sometimes I look like a fool doing all of this on the flight, and people might chuckle. But after the flight I feel and look refreshed and youthful whilst my chuckling flying buddies look not so rested, so who has the last laugh eh?

Firstly I don’t wear any make up to the airport.

What’s the point?! I will have to take it off when I get on a flight so I just do not bother wasting my time or products. I pack on a facial oil my face such as the La Mer renewal oil before hand as my skin loves that stuff and drinks it up. Then once I board the flight I will take a wet wipe, now normally I do not use them at all, but for the flight it is the most convenient way to clean my face! Then this is where the fun begins…

Once I have cleaned my face I will slather my face with the Glossier bounce serum, it has Hyaluronic Acid  and it is a great product to put in a lot of moisture into your skin. Then the most princess -y product, the Caudalie beauty elixir I will spray a generous about of that (a little much, I know). Now I’m a lip balm junkie so as you can see I have 3 of them and I love them all for different things, the By Terry one is divine and that is the only way to describe it. It is the Roles Royce of lip balms, it is a gloriously thick formula which coats the lips with a beautifully creamy balm. Which has a beautiful light rose fragrance , which in all honesty is not too rose-y. It keeps my lips moistured and comfortable and of course apply when needed . I have also added in the Glossier com which we should know by now that I think it’s the It’s a great little tube which I love for traveling and Sanitary reasons.

The Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for me serves as a multifunctional product, to moisturise my skin and also as a lip balm or even a cuticle treatment. Look if I’m stuck in a plane I might as well pamper myself.

Now if I am on a long flight where there is an allocated sleeping time I would slip on a sheet mask at this point, so that no one gets scared thinking Hannibal lector is on he plane! I love these Garnier ones because they are great value for money but not only that they are some

Of the best sheet masks I have ever used! They are really gooey – which is a great thing, full of product which means it really packs a punch! You need to try them, because when I take them off my face my face feels so bouncy and hydrated and super duper happy. It’s plump and hydrated and I feel like I have really done a great job of looking after my skin.

You need to try it. After that I don’t do anything to my face. I don’t have to!

I am not a nervous flyer or anything but I do like the this works roller balls as a sense of calm, because I use them at home as a tool to destress and help me go to bed. I don’t know if this stuff is magic or if it’s a psychological thing, but either way I’m happy with the result! Now at the end of the flight I spritz a little perfume to make me smell pretty obviously – and these Byredo minis are perfect!

When you step off the plane you will be fresh as a daisy with glowy skin!

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