Wrap Up Warm Kids

You need to wrap up, the weather has been miserable and I have been sick as a dog (why is that the saying? That will be a story for another day) and I realised I had no scarves in wardrobe! Strange, I know but I had done a huge wardrobe clear out and I found that I had got rid of all my scarves, stupid I know considering I did the clear out in October/November.

I went on a hunt for a scarf and I found a bunch and I thought I would treat myself to an Acne scarf in a neutral colour, and now I want them in all the colours. They are just so deliciously soft and cosy and warm!!!! Now I do want to buy them in all the colour because they are definitely worth the higher price point for a scarf because of the material, it is not itchy or rough. It is rich, buttery and comfortable and of course warm. It is also a little longer and thicker so you can really wrap yourself up like a burrito and keep the cold away. How did I manage without a scarf this long is beyond me… and with this ridiculous weather we are having in the UK you need to wrap up and stay warm. Therefore you need to be as chic as possible doing it!

Full disclosure, I do not look like this on a dog walk with Chloe! Or going to anywhere when I am shielding myself from the cold. But go on, treat your self to one of these scarves, we do have a lot more winter to get through. Wrap you like a chic burrito and stay warm.

Acne Scarves:

Pattern Scarves:

Highstreet Dupes:

Loewe Bag:



Photos by Michela Efford

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