New Year … Same me

Happy 2018 everyone who has popped back into my little nook of the internet. I hope you all had a wonder Christmas and I wish you all a fabulous 2018.

I wanted to do a little post about the new year, my goals (if I have any) and also wanted to share my plans for my little Atelier with you.

Now that it is a new year I know that I will be the same me in 2018. I will not suddenly be a gym buff, I will not suddenly be vegan and I will not promise to do anything I have done for the last 28 years of my life. I am big, fat and ugly enough to accept myself for who I am now. Of course I will make some changes like leaving crappy people I encountered in the past year back there, learning from experiences and of course changing little bits of my life that I can actually do, because otherwise you hate yourself for not obtaining ridiculously out there goals which you know you won’t do. For example, I will make an effort with the gym, but I know I am not going to look like a Victoria Secrets model (for the kid section because I am a short human) by going to the gym 2 times a week, and still indulging in red wine and chocolate. Of course I want to cut out rubbish from my diet and I have done that over the years. I want to be kinder to myself about my body and life, and not to be to hard on myself, and I think we could all be kinder to our self. Especially in this day in age of social media where everything is portrayed to be perfect all the time, when it is not! We all know that and yet we are still so hard on our self.

Something that I am really interested in doing this year is becoming vegetarian, now that is hard for me to be honest. I have had stints of being veggie, but what I am finding hard is stopping eating meat all at once. So I will make baby steps, from cutting red meat, to then eating more fish etc. If you have any delicious recipes please let me know. I just am such a big animal lover and I want to do my bit to help the animals and also to cut out dairy which I did for a lot of last year and it really helped with my skin and psoriasis.

Another thing I want to do more of is use my film camera, I love taking photos of everything, and my little Chloe too and I want to make it a monthly thing on my blog of posting film photos I have taken of the last month. A film post from my travels back to my little island of Sri Lanka will be going up in the next couple of days and I cannot wait to share them with you.


I have some plans I would like to share with you about my little Atelier (my little nook of the internet). Firstly, I want to share looks I actually wear on a more day to day basis (like this one which is me on a day to day basis), and of course I will also be showing you some fun looks too. But I do not want to promote constant consumption of clothes. I want to do more posts that shows me styling one top or dress in many ways. I am saying that as I have placed a couple of orders for dresses, which I am considering a new year style resolution. I also want to style up more dresses and skirts, because I am such jeans and jumpsuit kind of girl now and I after wearing dresses for a few weeks I have fallen in love with them again. But saying that, it is freezing outside and I am so reluctant to wear a dress because I have not shaved my legs (don’t judge, it is an extra layer of insulation).

I will continue to share my favourite beauty and skin care products, because I bloody love skincare and I oh boy do I have a lot to share with you. My mantra with skin care is, you only have one face and if you take care of it you will need far less make up.

Another thing I want to do more of is life posts, basically more personal topics. From lifestyle things such as interiors, to being a puppy mummy to even more personal things for example female friends, heart break and more. So watch this space. I want to share more and that way you can get to know me a little better, than just my wardrobe. I hope that it will help some of you out there going through the same things. There are also a few other topics that are close to my heart and  I would love to discuss them with you than just the latest jumpers or shoes.

I hope you visit my Atelier again there will be more content coming your way in 2018 – it will be bigger and better than the last year. I wish you all a wonder year ahead and all the luck and love in the world.






Camel Coats:



Photos by Anastasija JE 


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