The Jumper Dress


Does everyone needs a jumper dress you ask? And my answer is yes! With the temperatures dropping everyday we all need to stay warm.

Everyone firstly needs to get rid of their childhood memories of being put into a fluffy jumper dress with wolly tights and party shoes out if their head before judging the jumper dress. Okay, was that just me who went through the extremely fluffy look in the 90’s… okay moving on.

It is so cold as I am writing this, and sometimes you need to dress up and look smart during the day and that is when we ALL NEED a jumper dress. It is the perfect way to stay nice and warm, and also look put together with minimal effort. If you have not been in these parts before, one thing you should know about me is that I am a lazy dresser. I want things to be simple and not too much effort. The jumper dress is just that for me when I need to look like a lady and put together. Plus they are just so warm and cosy and snuggly. It is almost like I am leaving my house with my blanket draped around me – okay that is a slight exaggeration but you get the gist.

What I especially love about the jumper dress at this time of year is that you can hide many food babies, and be comfrtable during the festive period. So you can enjoy those mince pies, mulled wine and the piggies in blankets without having to undo any top buttons from your jeans. (We all do it!!! Right?)


Monochrome Jumper Dresses:

More Statement Jumper Dresses:
 More Jumper Dresses That I am Loving:

I love to pair my jumper dresses with some over the knee boots for maximum warmth. As you can probably tell I am a cold blooded human and I do need to stay warm, especially my feet! I love my Stuart Weitzmen boots, I know they are quite the investment but I have had mine now for a few years and I have not had to replace any of them, and they are all in perfect condition! They are also super comfy to walk around in – yes, even the heeled versions. I highly recommend them because they are worth every penny, because they are comfy and they will last you many many years despite them being suede boots. Just make sure that you put that suede protection spray on the boots and they will be good to go – do it at the beginning of every winter and that way it will protect your boots for long.
Over The Knee Boots (High Heeled):

Over The Knee Boots (Flat Boots):

Photos by Michela Efford

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