My Thoughts On Glossier

Is it worth the hype?


Glossier ships to the UK … and I made a few orders, yes a few. Here are my thoughts on what I got, and I promise you it is as good as it seems but of course not everything is worth getting.

Glossier has always been a blogger and industry favourite and for the last few years we (people in the UK) could not get our hands on the products unless we decided to go to New York to visit the showroom. When it was annouched that Glossier was going to ship to the UK, every girl in the UK was overjoyed and pencilled in their diary the date it was coming to the UK.

I was curious to see if I placed an order for Glossier and it was shipped to the UK if I was going to get that little grey slip demanding me for customs. I can confirm that there is no custom fees as it ships from the UK itself because they have a warehouse here. You also get free shipping if you spend of £25 you get free shipping.

Enough about the logistics, now on to the part you came here for…my thoughts of the products.


When it comes to make up I only get products from my trusty brands that I have been using for years, so buying make up for me from a brand I had never see or felt was very odd concept for me. I bought the Haloscope In Topaz, Boy Brow in Black (get them here in a bundle and save yourself a little money). I also got the Cloud paint (in the shade Haze) and the Flexible concealer (in the shade Dark). I had to guess my shade but on the website they have a lot of swatches and videos of the make up products in action which is quite useful.

 I love Haloscope, it is a great consistency and it gives you a gorgeous natural looking glow which is great for day to day wear and you can also really pack it on and wear it out at night. Another thing I love about it is the packaging, it is a little dinky roll up gadget which is great to pop in your bag and use on the go, and you can pop this on your cheek bone and cupids bow and use your fingers to blend it out. Another product which has become a must have and has earn the status of a holy grail product is Boy Brow. It has very simple and effective packaging and the little eye brow brush is the perfect size to manicure your brows into perfection. It is not too wet of a formula and it is not too sticky, it does not make your eye brows hurt when it does dry down (if that makes any sense).

The Cloud Paints I do like, but I do find the packing a little messy with the little cap and the squeeze-y tube, but I do love the liquid blush inside it. I am not a massive blush wearer because I do not enough putting a lot of powder on my face. I have found this liquid blush quite the game changer because it packs quite the punch in this little tube, and it blends like a dream. You do not have to be a make up pro to work with this formula, it does most of the work for you so do not be intimidated by the concept of a liquid blush (no one else intimidated by a liquid blush? just me? okay…) This does blend like a dream, and it is not over pigmented so you do not end up looking like a little doll who has worn too much blush.

Now the concealer I am not the biggest fan of. I love concealer as a make up product and to get my shade in a lot of brands is super duper hard, but the Glossier one is a match for my skin tone, but I am a little disappointed with the product. The packaging is a great simple, and a little tub. I would not like to take that in my bag just incase it opens, I like a tube concealer, but that is personal preference. The product itself I am not a big fan of, I find it a little to glossy and glowy for under my eyes. It makes my skin under my eyes oily and that is not a good look and I also do not have oily skin, I have quite dry and dehydrated skin so I dread to think what it would be like if you have oily skin. I was disappointed by this product unfortunately, especially as I am a concealer queen.

Now on to my favourite, skin care.

One thing you should know about me is that I do love a bit of beauty but I am even more obsessed with skin care. I love a good lotion and potion to save my skin from its dry-ness and plump it up and to make me look like a glowy Victoria Secrets Angel ( a girl can dream).

The Priming Moisturiser Rich is perfect for anyone with dry and dehydrated skin, I am very picky about the skincare I put on my face because in addition to me having dehydrated skin I also have very sensitive skin. So when I buy a new product I always use it with caution. I can report back and say that this does not irritate my skin in any way and it is a dream to use. I love a good rich cream for my face especially for the colder months. This is great to wear any time of day and is also perfect to wear under make up, as the name suggests. I do recommend this product and I would definitely be purchasing this one again.


As you can see from the caption above, I think that these are amazing. I bought one initially and I loved it so much that I bought a trio pack which is great value for money. I got them in the coconut, birthday cake which is super exciting with a little glitter in it (but I promise it does not show up on the lips at all and it smells delicious) and I got the rose one too. They all smell divine and they are great to pop in you bag and use on the go because of the little tube it keeps everything very clean. These also double up as a salve, so you can use it on your cuticles, and elbows etc. I love them and I have them in all my bags. I must say that they do not stay on your lips for very long so you do end up reapplying them on your lips many times a day but they do not dry your lips out or leave that weird film like residue.

Now on to the serums, I got the Bounce Serum which is meant for hydration and I also got the Super Pure Serum which is meant to calm your skin. Let’s start with Bounce, it has hyaluronic acid which is great to hydrate the skin and also to add bounce back into your skin to make your skin more plump and juicy. I do like this serum, but it is a very tiny bottle for the price and there are a lot more serums that do the job and may do an even better job than this one. I do like it for the purposes of travel, but it has not become a firm favourite in my skin care routine. On the other hand the Pure serum has become a favourite of mine. The Super Pure Serum has niacinamide and zinc in the serum which is meant to reduce redness of the skin as well as calm your skin down when there are blemishes. Now I do not get blemishes, and I do not have blemish prone skin per say but I do get a hormonal break out and this serum has really changed my skin around that time of the month. It also has helped prevent spots come on if I use when I feel a spot is brewing. It is not a hydrating product so you do need to use something over it, but this is a great product for that time of the month or if you have blemish prone skin. I promise it is worth it. But of course once again the serum bottle is quite small, but I would say it is worth is for the magical potion that is contains inside it and it is also great for travel purposes.


Want to smell like you? Look no further that the new Glossier perfume, You. When I got my first Glossier order there was a little sample of this and I was hooked. It is not an overly floral or musky scent. Now I am not an expert on describing fragrances and I have mentioned the notes in the caption above, but to me this perfume does not smell of much but it smell of You (or me in my case). It just smells like a clean and classy human. It is not too strong that it over powering or not strong enough, it is just right. It does remind me of Byredo Gypsy Water, or the Chloe perfume or the Stella perfume, or Molecule 01. If you like those kinds of fragrances then you will probably like this one. I also love the little bottle, it is so cute and it has a little thumb print in the bottle which makes it perfect to hold.

Here are my thoughts on the Glossier bits I picked up. Have you tried them out? What do you think of Glossier? Leave me a comment below if you have any recommendations or how you have used any of the products I have not enjoyed so far.


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