Time to Hibernate

Like a little bear lets get snuggly this season with my picks of teddy coats!


I am a massive fan of the teddy bear coat. It is a trend that keeps coming back and I know that nobody is complaining about it! Especially with the Arctic weather that we have been having here in London. I have got myself a couple of these fluffy bad boys and all I can say is that EVERYONE NEEDS A TEDDY IN THEIR LIFE!! (A little dramatic…I know)

Here are my reasons on why everyone needs a teddy (bear) coat for this winter:

1. They require minimal effort to get out the door, they are just so perfect to pop on and head out.
2. They look fabulous day and night, you’ll be the chicest bear in all the land. I have styled on for a more evening look with heeled boots and one with vinyl trousers and heeled boots!
3. They keep you nice and warm without having to wear a million layers and all the bells and whistles, a.k.a scarves and things. Which is my favourite because I get a little claustrophobic being all wrapped up.
4. You are always snug as a bear in hibernation.
5. There is a teddy (bear) coat for every occasion, they come in a bunch of different colours to suit your every mood.
6. They are perfect to add a little hint of the 70’s trend, if you style them up with some flares and heeled boots like I have done with one of them.
7. My last and most favourite reason is that no one in a teddy coat is ever grumpy, because you are so warm and cozy, and the jacket is like wearing your Ugg boots but on the outside.

Below I have done an edit of all the (teddy) Bears that I am loving at the moment … go on treat yourself. Stay warm, and not be a grizzly bear! 


Peacoat Teddy (a.k.a. the cute teddy): 



The Long Teddy (a.k.a. the official teddy):

Zip up Teddy (a.k.a the cool teddy)



More Bears (a.k.a the Fun Bears): 


The Other Items in this Post: 

Vinyl Trousers:



Blue Velvet Boots:



Flared Jeans: 






Photos by Michela Efford 



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