Sparkly Ears

Time to decorate your ears with some sparkly earring(s). 

Earrings or the earring has made a come back in a big way this year and it does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

I used to be a big earring wearer, and I am not just saying that because I was earring obsessed but because I would wear massive hoops and earrings about 10 years ago, and then I have ignore earrings altogether and now with the comeback of the earrings I am starting to enjoy earrings all over again. I have started to love wearing earrings at this time of year because I like to stay bundled up and cosy but my ears are out so I might as well dress them up and get ready for the festive season that is fast approaching. There is a pair of earrings or an earring for all occasions, whether you have one piercings to many piercings, or even if you have none – there is a hoop for everyone.

I have made an edit of some of my favourite earrings that everyone needs for the festive season ahead.

Here is the earrings I am wearing in this post.

Mono earrings, or earring is quite the trend and it is a lot more wearable than you think. I know it seems silly to be walking around with one earring, so why not mix and match a pair of earrings you already own or go on treat your self to an earring or a couple of pairs and play around with them and style them up any way you want. To be honest this is my 7 year olds dream come true, mis-matched earrings. 

Mono earring coloured ones:

Mono Earring which are more simple: 

The Party numbers: 

Earrings have got the party spirit in them and they are more fabulous than ever. From tassels to sequins, to sparkly numbers there is a pair for every occasion and everyone. 

Super fun numbers (high end):

Super fun numbers (high street): 

Pearly babies: 

Simple gold hoops: 

Super Sparkles: 

Simple gold numbers: 

Ear Cuffs: 

Ear cuffs are a great way of adding something new and fun to decorate your ear without having to bore any more holes in your ear. These are some of my personal favourites and I will style them up for you in posts that are on their way. 

Scarf Hoop: 

This fabulous pair of scarf wrapped hoops are quite pricey, so here is a fabulous dupe

Photos by Michela Efford 


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