Burn Baby, Burn!

This is the time of year that we all want to stay home and get cosy on the couch and relax with a cup of tea and mince pie and stay away from those cold winter nights, with a Christmas movie in the background.

I do not know about you but there is nothing I love more than lighting up a bunch of my candles whilst I work or watch TV or just generally be around the house, especially around this time of year with it being so cold outside and me refusing to go out of the house unless I really have to. The only reason I am leaving the house is to stock up on mince pies and puppy treats for Chloe of course.

I love candles all year around, but I find myself lighting them a lot more around this time of year. I am not the kind of  person who sticks to themes of a candle, if I like the smell I will light it regardless of the time of year. Except for Christmas candles which are strictly to be burnt at around this time. I still have candles from Christmases and I still keep getting new ones. I promise I have not bought any new candles for the Christmas (I say this crossing my fingers behind my back).

Here are my picks, some of theme are very Christmas-y and some are just my favourite candles. I must warm you that I am not a smell expert so I am going to describe these scents to you in a very basic and Chiara kind of way:

What I love about Christmas (apart from the mince pies, mulled wine and the Starbucks Christmas drinks) is the gift sets that are available. In my opinion the Diptyque ones are the best in my opinion, because you get such a wide range of their candles in mini sizes and it is the perfect way to try them out before investing. Whether you have a treat yo’ self moment and get one for yourself or for a candle obsessed friend. They are these two sets, fro their Christmas selection to their classic selection. I got a box last year and I am still going through all the candles and I also discovered some new favourites. These are three new scents that I have discovered through the gift set and they are the perfect winter scents. The Noisetier candle is a hazelnut tree scent so it has a lovely woody smell but it is not too strong and over powering. Then there is Cypres, which has become one of my favourite candles, this candle is described to have honey and Mediterranean Cypress and honestly this smell is so relaxing and calming. I love to light it when I am working because for some reason it really does calm me. Then there is the Figuier scent which is one of their most popular scent, this smells delicious and of figs which makes this a very fresh and light smelling candles. Lighting these all together is divine!!

Diptyque sets: 



I love the Christmas collection that Diptyque does, and every year I get the green candle because it smells like Christmas to me. It smells of pine and wood and it is intoxicating and gets me so excited for Christmas. What I love about these candles are that they smell glorious even when they are not lit and that is amazing! This year I am obsessed with the packaging… it is a UNICORN!

Diptyque Candles: 


The Feu de Bois candle is another one I love to light around the winter months because it is so smoky and woody. It gives you the feeling of behind outside with a log fire and drinking mulled wine. This is the perfect candle to light and sit at home and enjoy your evening.


I know floral candles might seem like an odd choice, but sometimes the smoky wintery smells can get a little overwhelming to burn in the house all the time. I love these two candles from Diptyque, the Baies one is so gorgeous and floral with a sexy twist, and of course the Roses one is fabulously girly. I love to light these two together together with this  Baar and Bass candle which is called a Thousand Roses  but it is not like any rose candle I have ever smelt. It is so gorgeous and smoky and beautiful to light even during the winter months. That packaging too is just too fabulous!


You can see the little Fornasetti peeping in the background, and no I do not burn it!!! It is too beautiful to light. Here are some of my favourites, to be honest I did not get it for its smell but more for the packing. Look how pretty they are!


Jo Malone is another brand that is so gorgeous and I love their perfumes and their candles are just as fabulous. I love the Blackberry and Bay one (which is my favourite scent all year round) because it is a little sweet but not too sweet. I have pick some of my other favourites from the brand which you need to check out. Yes, NEED!

Jo Malone: 


Malin + Goetz do some lovley candles with some funny and catchy names. Some of them are named after drinks like Dark Rum, Mojito. Then there are some naughty ones called Cannabis and Tobacco. Of course none of these candles contain any of these cheeky substances but they are lovely to light when you have people over and it is always a hit with people that come round and it always sparks up a conversation about their cheeky names. I love to light the Dark Rum candle on my bar cart because I think it fits in there perfectly. This candle does have a very strong and powerful smell, it has bergamot, and leather notes mixed with rum, amber and patchouli. Which creates a lovely velvety scent which is perfect for the party season!

Malin + Goetz


Byredo Candles smell absolutely divine, but as you can see I have a shrine worthy amount of candles to get through before I can justify some more candles purchases. But Santa if you are listening here are some of my favourites from the brand from the little whiff I have.

Are there any candle brands that you are loving? Let me know in the comments what you are loving and what is your favourite candle.

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