October 2017 High End Wishlist

These are the current things that I have been lusting over this month, and there seems to be a pattern… 

I am currently on the hunt for a pair of black ankle heeled boots because I have had to retire my old pair. I am still very undecided on the Knife boots by Balenciaga as I feel very Disney Villen-esque, but the look is slowly growing on me. Then there is the classic black boot with a chinky heel, or a pair of velvet platform boots. Decisions, decisions… 


Tis is the season to add some sparkle into your ears. The hoop, the bedazzle earring, the mono earring is still having a moment. I think they are perfect for the cold wear because no one wants to be exposing their neck and getting a a chill. So stay cosy with a high neck and then add some sparkle to your ears. 


I love a sparkly knit, and I need some more in my life and these Bella Freud numbers are the perfect addition without it being too in your face. Slogan tee’s are a staple in my wardrobe, and they are the perfect layering piece.  Then there are the must haves, like denim and a silk slip to layer under everything and this gorgeous Ganni knit. 


Bags are my one true love, and recently I have been feeling very uninspired. But this season I have been lusting over bucket bags (as you can see here), in different colours and finishes. I do feel like they are the autumn and winters answer to a basket bag which everyone has been attached to. Now what type of bucket bag should I pick? A statement one? Velvet? Or a simple leather one?  The Velvet Gucci is back, and it has some sparkle added to it which makes it more fun and also gets me excited for the festive season. 


This is the season to invest in coats, so go wild! Whether they are fluffy numbers or a classic blazer – go on… you NEED IT


I know what you are thinking, sunnies in autumn/winter? Of course you need them, the sun does randomly pop up and you need to shield your eyes and look fabulous doing it. I have been lusting over some light coloured lenses, but I am struggling to decide on a style of glasses. Here are my picks of this type of sunny. 


What are you currently coveting this season, comment down below. 


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