Sri Lankan Flare

Some of my favourites from my little island. 

I do not get to go back to Sri Lanka as much as I would like to but now I can keep up with the new designers and what the new trends are in Sri Lankan fashion. I also have to keep in mind that I cannot always wear the clothes because of the weather over here compared to the heat on my little island.

There is a designer that I am pretty obsessed with over there called ANUK and I am collecting all her pieces as if they were Pokemon and I have to catch them all. What I love about the brand is that it is simple and minimalistic, but at the same time it is rich and decadent because of the fabrics used. The colours that are also selected every collection are beautiful and rich. I know that outfit is an all black outfit, but check out their Instagram, and I will have more look featuring this brand very soon. Another thing that I love is the beautiful silhouettes that is flattering on the body, they are not ridiculously oversized and they are also not so tight that it looks like you need to be oiled up to get in it. I am obsessed with this brand and I look forward to styling up more of her pieces to show you how amazing they are.

Similar kimono: 

Maria tash earrings:

This gorgeous necklace has a very traditional motif that is called the Hansa Puttuwa which I got from another wonderful brand called Papillon Du Thé which is another gorgeous designer based in Sri Lanka creating beautifully traditional styled jewellery in a more wearable and modern way. 

The Hansa Puttuwa is a very traditional motif that is usually  and traditionally worn by women usually at weddings. Now, I am not married and I am single AF so I treated myself to one. The Hansa Puttuwa is a design of two swans intertwined, this is meant to signify unity and prosperity. It also illustrates the elegance of the woman along with the majestic masculinity of a man. These two swans also sit on top of a lotus flower which has a lot of significant in Buddhism. It represent purity of the mind, body and speech, as well as faithfulness and enlightenment.  Besides this very beautiful and traditional meaning to this necklace, it is a beautiful design and this has been designed in a more wearable way. It is also traditional worn as a long necklace, but I decided to double up the necklace and to wear it as almost a choker and I think this gives this beautiful traditional pieces a fun a modern make over. 

Flared Jeans: 



What are your favourite designers from either your home country or a part of the world that you have visited?

Photos by Michela Efford 


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