In a bag rut? Here is my bag wish list

I am in a bag rut at the moment. I love all the bags I own and I am happy with my collection, but I am looking to add to my little family of bags.

After wearing basket bags all summer and loving it, I am feeling a little uninspired by my handbag wardrobe and I am urging to buy something new. I am not looking for something “on trend” but more of a classic style with a fun shape.

Let’s start with my dream bag, the Hermes Kelly. This is one of the most iconic and classic bags out there. I WANT IT SO MUCH!!!! Yes, it is the price of a small car at times and I do not think that I can justify it and afford it at this moment in time without making a massive sacrifice somewhere like food, but a girl can dream right. Even if I wanted it I cannot get my hands on one because of the Hermes staff, which is another story for another day. I might to get my hands on a vintage one first and then try to my hands on one from the store.
I prefer the Kelly to the Birkin because it is a more compact and lady like bag that isn’t to “old lady”, if that makes sense. It is also not that heavy, which the Birkin can be depending on the size and the leather. I am obsessed with the way it looks, and how everyone can make it their own with accessorises like twillys or different straps. I also love that you can wear it as a shoulder bag and also carry it by the handles, which you do not have that option and could be a pain in the butt.

The Lady Dior bag is another classic bag that I have always loved but I did not think I could wear it. Growing up my mum had one and I always looked at it as a “grown up lady bag”. Yes, I am a grown up (sometimes) but I did not think that I had a place in my wardrobe for it and it went with my style. Over the last few months I have seen this bag more and more, with new updates and different girls styling it up to bit a little less lady like and more of a “cool girl” vibe. I have seen it dressed up with scarves to give it some colour and to protect the handles of course. 

I am torn between the black one, and a cute little pink one. I know the black one is classic and I will get a hell of a lot of use out a black bag on this style and shape but I am dying to get my hands on a pink handbag to add to my collection at the moment. Maybe, my little pink bag will be this pretty lady. 

Now on to a fabulous vintage beauty. I am not a backpack girl, but for Chanel I could be. As my dad always says, if Chanel made toilet paper that I would get it (and its true I would – for show of course). Since it is vintage it is hard to come by and the price is pretty steep to get a backpack in good condition. I have seen a few and it is gorgeous. The gold straps are amazing and a true gold. Remeber this was in the 80’s so it does have an 80’s vibe to it, and as an 80’s baby – I WANT ONE! 

I am on the hunt for one, and if I can get one for a reasonable price and great condition maybe one this will be mine too. 

Now onto some different shaped bag, or as I like to call them FUN BAGS. This Loewe bag has been catching my eye over the last few months. Loewe was never a brand I gravitated towards but over the last few months and I have been more drawn to it, and especially the Puzzle bag. 

This little oddly shaped bag is available in loads of different colours and finishes and now you can even customise it further with the Loewe straps. This bag is very unique, you can wear it in up to 7 different ways ( I have no clue how you do that but the lovely guy at the store showed me all the ways but I could never recreate all the different styles).  I am starting to love this bag more and more when I see it on people. It seems so handy because it has an inside pocket towards the back of the bag which is great to protect your valuables from those wondering eyes and hands (pick pockets I am looking at you). At the moment I seem to be gravitating towards the tan coloured one, and I am not much of tab bag wearing kind of girl but I think its because of its relaxed style maybe that is why I am drawn to that combination. But I also think that the black bag is fabulous too, but I have enough black bags in my collection and I am craving something different. 

Now on to the last bag that I am currently lusting after, and possibly my favourite. Isn’t this Chloe bag the cutest? 

Now I know that this is not the most practical bag, but look at it! Look at it! It is so cute and tiny and the perfect little evening bag to sassy up any boring black or neutral outfit for the evening. I am after a fun colour in this bag, because I think that because it is so small I could get it in a ridiculous colour or let’s face it, I want it in pink. Saying that I am really thinking about getting this bag in black because I think it would make the perfect evening clutch or an alternative to a clutch because the bag has a shoulder strap for when you get tired of holding it by the bracelet part. 

This bag could be making it in to my wardrobe if I find the colour I love. 

Which one of these bags is your favourite? What are the bags you are lusting after at the moment? Let me know in the comments. 

Pictures are from Pinterest and I annotated them : Here is my Pinterest Account so you can see where I get my inspirations from 


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