Gypsy Water Perfume & Kabuki || Review

Oh, that bottle! Yes, you have seen this bottle all over Instagram and Pinterest. Here are my thoughts on one of the most photographed perfumes as well as her kabuki counter part. 

This is perfume bottle you would have seen on the selves of many fashion and beauty bloggers as well editors of magazines. This is a very niche brand and not everyone knows about it, and that is something that I love in a fragrance When it is not a very common brand, and not everyone is going to smell like you. 


From the Byredo range Gypsy Water is my favourite scent, it the perfect mix of a girly perfume with a not so girly perfume if that makes any sense. It is not too sweet and it is also not to heavy and heady to give you a head ache, it is a perfect mix of vanilla, bergamot and pine needle to mention a few of the notes of the perfume. 

The newest part of the Byredo range is their Kabuki perfume, I was super interested to try this product out because if it works well it will solve all our travel needs because of the size of it and the fact that this item is a powder and it will not spill all over your bag. Plus it is a small plastic container, and it perfect for inflight travel, because it is not a liquid.

Does it work?

Firstly, I love the compact and chic packaging of this perfume. It is also one of the very few brands that have this concept out there. But is it an effective method of perfume apply? (is that even a term to use?)

It is a very light scent, it is not as potent as the normal perfume form. When you click the kabuki brush it omits a white scented powder that you place on your pressure points and neck. I do not think that you can use it as your scent from morning to evening, but I think that it is a great handbag buddy to pop in your bag to pop up your already existing fragrance.

Is it worth it? 

I am not too sure, if you are a massive fan of the brand, and you like anyone of the three scents that they have brought out in this form you might want to grab it. I think it is a fabulous concept for carrying on a plane, but for day to day life, I prefer a spray.

Have you tried this? What do you think?


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