Dress or Jeans? Why not both – my thoughts about trying to stay away from black

It is officially autumn, and you cannot decide on what to wear? Just wear the dress, oh and the jeans too. 

With the weather getting weirder here in London especially when you experience all the seasons in one day! I am not quite ready to put away some of my summer pieces but it is a bit too chilly to walk out in a dress, so I wore them with jeans. Now, I know this look is not for everyone, but here me out. The jeans need to be a high waisted number, no one wants to see belly buttons and its cold, stay warm kids! Think of the dress as your very own cape, it moves with the wind and in London it doubles up as a parachute. I digress, this is a fun way to wear a summery dress till you really have to pack them away. I decide to pair this outfit with some colour mules, why not get them out too before they have to go into hibernation too! 

I know this style of bag from Chloe is usually considered a summer bag, but I love to ear it even in the autumn because of all the colours on the bag. It really fits in with the autumnal feel. 

This year I want to try and stay away from black as much as possible during the colder months. When the weather gets super miserable I find myself dressing to match the weather and wearing only black, and grey with a touch of navy. I know I am saying this wearing a pretty dark combo here, but I have noticed a difference in the way I feel when I wear colour.

I realised I had become very neutral, and from my clothes to my lipsticks and nail colour, to even my home. And it was effecting my mind in all sorts of ways. Well, nothing was making me too happy and it made me less creative and exciting about getting ready etc. I was always that girl who had a pink bed, and had crazy nail colours and only had 1 nude lipstick in her make up arsenal, but now I have a tonne of nude nail colours and nude lipsticks. And everything was, neutral, and so was my attitude.

 Over the summer I  started to inject more colour in my wardrobe, from shoes to bags and even to actual clothes. Even one of my best friends noticed the change and mentioned to me that she liked to see me in colour and it brought out more of my personality. To be honest I always say that I have a little black heart, and I dress to match it. But all jokes a side, injecting a little colour in some form has made me a little bit brighter and happier when I wonder through life in a cute pair of pink shoes, or a red knit. Of course I am not going to invest in a fluffy green coat, well never say never. I will always invest in more classic styles in a fun colour or just hit the high street for some gems. I know it seems scary to buy colourful items, but you do not need to go out and buy a bunch of colourful items. Just buy something fun, what ever colour you like. I would always advise a pair of shoes first, they are always so easy to style into your wardrobe. Think Maria Kondo, if the colour “sparks joy” then get the shoes! Do not invest in an investment piece in a ridiculous colour if you are not going to wear it, get something off the high street, and see if you ever reach for it. If you do, then go ahead! 

Try it! I dare you to wear more colour! Do you think that wearing colour affects your mood too? 

Photos by Lauren 


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