They see me Rolling || my thoughts one jade rolling

This seems like a very decadent step in a skincare routine doesn’t it?

Over the last couple of years there has been a cross over from the East to the West side of the world when it comes to skincare practices and products and it has opened the door to a lot of secrets. Jade rolling is one of them.  I got my jade roller from here. 

The Jade Stone :
Jade as a stone has powers if you believe in crystal healing and Chinese medicine. It is suppose to help with anxiety, fatigue and is meant to have healing powers within the stone. People also say that Jade protects against negative energy and generally brings on good vibes. It has a practical use as well of course as you can see below.

What does it help with?:
Jade rolling helps with, circulation of your skin, stimulates collagen, helps iron out those fine lines, it helps with lymphatic drainage (I know, I know it sounds gross) and it also helps your products that you use absorb into your skin throughly and deeply.

After using it : 
Your skin feels plump and juicy (like a peach), it is also leaves your skin oh so glowy. It is almost like a mini facial massage, which you can do everyday and it makes you feel oh so glamorous and glowy.

How to use your Jade Roller :
1. Take a little bit of your favourite oil or serum. Here are my favourite products I like to use with my Jade Roller.

2. Apply your product of choice directly on to clean skin.

3. Then use the Jade Roller to help the oil penetrate the skin. When you are rolling  the Jade Roller over your skin make sure to to roll upwards and out – no one wants to help Mr. Gravity! 

4. After doing this for a couple of minutes or 10, you can proceed with the rest of your skincare routine, and you will feel relaxed and refreshed. 

Is it worth it? :

In one word, YES! It is like a mini facial at home, the stone is so cooling on your skin, which helps de-puff the puffy-ness, drain out the yucky stuff and you can feel the products being absorbed into your skin. It makes you feel calm, and refreshed and ready to take on the world, or bed. 

If you want you can keep the Jade Roller in the fridge to make it extra cold, but you do not have to because the stone self cools once you are done with it. 

It might seem a little decadent – but it is worth it, I promise! Your skin will thank you for it, and why not treat yourself.  You feel like a princess everyday. 


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