The English Rose with a twist || Stella McCartney

This is the perfect description of an English rose, but with a twist. 

This Stella perfume is the only scent you need this summer. This particular scent has been a form favourite of mine for  at least the last 4-5 years.  I always make sure that I  have a bottle of it in my collection at all times because it has become a cult favourite in my beauty closest, and also because it is such a versatile scent. It can be worn morning and evening, and it is appropriate through all the seasons, but it is even more perfect and appropriate during the summer months. 

Let’s talk looks first, the bottle is gorgeous and not too in your face which is something I have become a big fan of over the years.  Love live my teenager days when I loved a luminous pink bottle that smelt like sugar sweets (Britney Spears Fantasy – I am looking at you! I still love you but I am too old to wear you). This bottle is classy and a perfect representation of the scent inside. It is clean and subtle which radiates class and the decadence with the gold band around the bottle too.

It is a very feminine scent without being too sickly sweet or overpoweringly floral. 

The top notes in this perfume is soft rose, mandarine and a light peony flower. The rose scent really is the focus of the perfume, but the sharpness of the mandarin and the subtly of the peony which really  elongates the scent as well as intensifying it by opening up the heart of the notes of rose. The bottom note of amber gives this very rosey scent a masculine tough which compliments the scent so well, and also makes it very very sexy and not too overpoweringly too girl. 

This perfume does last on your skin for a very long time, and I think it is down to the very bold  and unique notes in the perfume itself. During the day you can catch a whiff of the perfume, and it is never overpowering which is great! And every time you think that the perfume has disappeared on your skin, you get a little whiff of it and it is so delicate and gorgeous, and what I love about it is that it wear so well on the skin and in a very even way. You do not smelly just one note, you get the perfect mix at all times. 

photo by Hollie

This size of bottle(50 ml) is perfect for carrying around with you in your handbag to refresh yourself especially during this extremely hot weather we are having in London at the moment – when ever you need to.  The packaging is not too heavy and does not weigh down your bag which is  a plus for me. But you can also get it in a 30ml package too if you want an even more dinky sized perfume to carry with you. 

If you have not tried out this perfume, I highly recommend that you do. Because of the notes of the perfume it is an English rose, which a delicate feminine twist with an edge. 

If you have tried it – what do you think? 


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