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Yellow yellow, you cheeky fellow!

It is spring, but the weather in London could have us all fooled! It is super gloomy and cold outside, but nevertheless it is spring and summer is soon approaching and with that said yellow is a colour that I have been seeing everywhere.

Yellow is one of my favourite colours to wear for when I decided to be a little bit more daring and I want to wear some colour, not only is it such a happy colour and is quite the statement but it also injects some warmth into anyones complexion. I know a lot of people shy away from it because they do not think that it suits their complexion, now on my Sri Lankan skin tone yellow is not to scary, but there is a yellow out there for everyone, whether it be a light pastel yellow, or neon yellow or mustard. There is a shade for everyone.

The bags: 

If wearing a whole yellow ensemble is too scary, why not add it in with you accessories, like a little bag, there are a lot of bags this season that is yellow or has a little hint of it. Dolce and Gabbana have their fruit Sicily bags that have a fun and playful take on the yellow trend with their classic bag with a summery fruit or pattern on it. Then there is the Gucci bags which do not disappoint, look at the new Marmount bag – I can feel a new “IT” bag coming (note: that this bag also comes in Green and Red if yellow is not your thing). Then there are more traditional bags in different shades of yellow for everyone to choose from.

The everyday picks: 

Yellow  can be  incorporate it into your wardrobe in many ways, whether it is cute little bag or a shoe or even a little dress. And if yellow is still too scary of a colour to deal with just wear something with a splash of yellow like this Gucci T-shirt.

Here are some of picks of yellow items for everyday wear.

Holiday edition: 

With summer holidays fast approaching (where is this year going?!) yellow could be a lovely colour to incorporate to your summer wardrobe. It is a fun and sunny colour which would look great at a beach or even in c city. Here are my picks of cute little summery pieces to brighten up your summer wardrobe whether you are having a stay-cation or jetting off to the South of France or the Tropics.  

Occassion wear: 

Trade your black dress for a more zingy option to brighten up the evening.

There are a lot of yellow outfits in the market at the moment and I have made an edit for some lovely simple pieces that would be great for an evening out or a special occasion. These are very simple and classic silhouettes that are in different shades of yellow. It will be a nice change to wear this bright colour during the warmer months, and this colour will go with so many coloured items that you have already got in your wardrobe. For example a leather jacket, or turquoise jewellery, pink shoes, the possibilities are endless. 

How would you style the evening dresses? And what was your favourite zingy piece? 


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