The Basket Case || Summer 2017

2017 is the year of the basket!

Basket bags are really having a moment and now they are everywhere, and they are in all shapes and sizes. Here are my picks for the summer.

I have always been a fan of a basket bag since I was a little girl, especially being a little island girl I would always use them for the beach or general running around, but now it has become a day to day bag in the cities too. All the designers have been reinventing the basket and making them in all different colours and different finishes. Look at these ones, they have fun little pom pom’s on them! Who doesn’t love a pom pom? Balenciaga has turned their classic city bag into a basket bag and it is glorious and what every cool girl MUST be carrying!

This little edit of baskets are perfect for running around in the city or even on holiday, let’s call them versatile. Voila, I gave you the excuse you need to buy of these little beauties!

This is the Birkin we can all afford! Jane Birkin used to carry around this style of basket around and made it a very popular bag and it is just so cool and effortless and is actually a basket. No bells, no whistles, just a simple wicker basket – so if you want to look effortless chic like Ms. Birkin herself why not grab the Birkin Bag that is affordable and just bloody fabulous!

Now lets have a look at the fun and more adventurous baskets!  

Some of them such as the Dolce and Gabbana Sicily Bag and the Fendi Baguette are classic styles of bags that have been adapted to be a little fun basket style bag – which is fabulous! Prada has also made a very classic shaped bag of theirs into a fun little basket basket bag that has little flowers on it but if you are not a fan of the flowers there is this one that is more simple and classic. If basket bags are not your thing you can always make a little nod to the trend by adding a little clutch bag into your collection like the Kayu one. 

Baskets by the beach 

Now this is something that we are are very much accustom to, the beach bag/basket. Now that the basket is having a moment the beach basket has had a revamp is more fun, more pom pom-y (is that even a word?) but just as wonderful as it always has been. Here are some of my picks, The Antik Batik one is my favourite and screams summer holiday, doesn’t it? 

Which one is your favourite? Or do you have any other style of bag that I have completely missed out on? 


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