Get your Jubblies out for a good cause

Get them out for a good cause. 

If you have not seen these t-shirts where have you been!?

These tshirts have been all over social media and I had to get my hand on one. They do sell out like hot cakes so grab one when you get the chance as soon as they come in to stock here.

These t-shirts are made my the wonderful Lauren who at a very young age found herself fighting breast cancer and she discusses her journey very candidly over all her social media platforms which is very very honest. It is very raw and she does not cut of the bull sh*t which is really refreshing in the world that we currently live in where people only show the more primp and proper side to their lives.

Even though I have not been through what Lauren had been through, I found it very very informative as she went into details about what treatment for breast cancer is really like. It is almost a taboo question to ask anyone who is sick what type of treatment that they are receiving and what it is really like, what the treatment is like and how it makes them feel. Lauren shared it all! It made me look at cancer patients in a very different way, it made me look at them in a more positive and empowering way than them just being patients. They are warriors who are really kicking cancers butt! And I am happy to report that Lauren is doing well and please please do follow her and buy a t-shirt in support of her and in support of any one you know who is going through this.

Lauren made some t-shirts that are humorous and pokes a little bit of fun into an otherwise very serious topic, so why not get your jubblies/knockers/ mammaries out for a good cause.

This short this trench coat is a fun new way to wear a traditional trench. It is all over the high street at the moment. I have linked a few options below at different price points. I chose this Jack Wills trench because I like the feel of a traditional trench coat, it has a great stiffness to the coat as well as the traditional waterproof feel to it. It has a nice flare at the end of the coat making is very flattering with many outfits whether it be casual or formal. It also has pockets, not just on the outside, but it has a cheeky little pocket on the inside too.

It is a bit of an investment piece, it is a little bit more pricey than the other high street options like the Mango one, but Jack Wills items are the best! They last you years!!! I have items that I worn in high school and University and they are still in great condition are all these years (9/10 years to be exact). 

Grab it and invest in this gorgeous little number which I think is a little girly piece of outwear, promise you won’t regret it. Side note, this also comes in other colours, blue and pink! 

Links for the Short Trench Coats:

Now these mules, firstly they are so so so comfy and when I tell you where they are from you won’t be surprised. They are from Marks and Sparks .

The mule trend is here for the spring/summer (I am writing this in London where it is currently freezing and grey – so here is hoping that the sun will make an appearance so that I can wear this again soon) and there are several options in the shops. One day when I was doing my weekly shop I came across these and they are so affordable and they have this squishy sole bit that it makes it seem like you are walking on a cloud, good old Marks and Sparks does not let you down. It also has this elastic bit around the front part of the shoe, which means that what ever the size of your foot, it will be comfortable and nothing will be digging into your foot, which is fabulous! You also do not feel like you have to grab on to your shoe with your foot like a claw (its not cute or comfortable). 

I enjoy a fun and statement bag. My bag collection is two extremes, black and simple or a crazy pattern of some sort. I love this bag because it fits in the whole house including the kitchen sink! Oh and its water proof amazing, enough about this because unfortunately this particular bag is no longer available as it is from an old Chanel collection. I have put together some fun and colour bags that you all need to grab hold of for this spring and summer!

Here are some other bags that are similar:

I am also trying something a little new to me, MOM Jeans, I will report back in due course about my thoughts on these in a week or so.

This is just a side note when thinking about Lauren’s story, remember life will always throw some curve balls at you and you need to remember that you are strong and you can get through it with love and support. So do not forget to love and support everyone around you. Life is tough enough as it is so be nice to everyone because you never know what they are going through. Remember to always have fun and to laugh through life, and through misery because honestly, it is the best medicine!

Photos by Lauren 


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