Women’s Day || My Top Selection of Feminist T-Shirts and Pins

Happy Women’s day you Fabulous women! 

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Here are 7 T-shirts and Pins with an empowering message you will want to wear right now! 

1.  Dior T-shirt

2. Feminist Pin

3. Girl Power T-Shirt

4. Human Pin

5. Chloe Super Woman Top

6. Feminist with a To-Do List Enamel Pin

7. Feminist T-Shirt 

Today is a day that all women should be celebrated! To be completely honest I do not think that it should be restricted to a DAY, women and humans in general should be celebrated all the time. And as a woman I believe that our worst enemy is it each other – so come on girls, lets support our fellow Lady Bugs and lift each other through all the difficult stuff we all go through, whether it is work, or life, or motherhood! Let’s praise each other and not put each other down for the way we look, or our life choices. Let’s get together and fight the boundaries that have been put in front of us and push each other past the finish line!! 


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