Outfit || Daisies with a bit of Pop and Suki

At this time of year it is usually the rule to put away your summer dresses. Well rules were meant to be broken and why dismiss your favourite summer dresses – why not dress them down to suit the miserable weather at the moment. (It has truly been miserable in London recently especially with Doris and all her relatives visits) Spring will make an appearance at some point so let’s enjoy our dresses despite the weather! 

This dress is keeping with the trend of flared sleeves – these sleeves are not too crazy so they won’t go into your food (this is very important – it is not very chic to have pasta on your sleeves)

Pairing your spring dress with the an aviator jacket – with a lot of fluff will provide you all the warmth you need.

With a dark jacket and dark lips it makes for a wonderful combination to match this miserable weather. (and also matches the colour of my soul!!)

Now you be able to see a small pattern here, I love a cheeky bit of personalisation. When the POP + SUKI collection launched I knew I had to grab one! I know the main colour of their collection is the wonderful pink, but I knew that I would not get much wear out of that colour with my wardrobe, and therefore I grabbed myself the wonderful burgundy one with my name in PINK! This is bag is such a good size for day to day running around and also a perfect bag to wear on nights out. This bag has detachable straps and you can wear the bag how ever you want – this bag can be customised to suit your style and you can wear it in multiple ways, from cross body with your name facing people or hidden under(the way I have worn it – when you are walking around London you might not want people knowing your name) or as a back pack etc. Grab yourself a wonder little bag for the spring. Side note – the iPhone 7 Plus fits!!  

Photos by Lauren


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