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These bad boys are the Prince of the Town (see what I did there). With Gucci’s amazing revival it has become the new IT brand, despite it being one of the biggest fashion houses it was a brand I never looked at then came Alessandro Michele and the whole game changed! It is now one of the brands I am constantly checking whether it be their bags, shoes, and even the clothes which I cannot afford (a girl can dream right?)

Now these slippers have become a cult favourite and are CONSTANTLY sold out, I had to resort to being a little lioness that is constantly hunting around for her prey, in this case these wonderful slip -on’s and the shoes of 2016 (in my opinion). I first bought the red pair when I saw them on Claire Chanelle’s blog and YouTube and it was then when I decided that I needed them! But obviously I wanted to see if I could get them in black, and of course they were sold out, and I saw on Net-a-Porter that they had it in red and in my size (37), and to be completely honest it was an impulse by and when it arrived I did second guess this purchase, I was wondering if I would wear them and now I cannot imagine not having them.  And because I loved them  so much I bought them in the Blooms print in pink, but I did buy these a half size bigger, this was because I bought them from the store and they were running low on sizes. And once again these I have worn to death and they add a bit of colour and interest into a basic outfit for day to day wear, I think the blooms one is a little bit more causal and fun because of the print, unlike the red pair.

These shoes are not cheap but I think they are worth the investment, they make great running around shoes and travel shoes (no more bending over to take those trainers or boots off ever again).

Shoe || Gucci

Shoes || Gucci Floral Bloom Slippers

Comfort 5/5 – these are very comfortable, but it must be noted that they are not too comfortable to drive in because of the mule like design.

Looks 5/5 – in my opinion these are the shoes of the year, because they have made Gucci very on trend and they are a smart flat that can make any outfit more pulled together but also very causal.

Durability 4/5 – I have had these two pairs of shoes for a goof few months and so far there is not terrible damage, and yes I worn them loads and in the rain and so far so good (touch wood), the only reason they are not a 5/5 the red ones are aging but in a nice way! The only other issue to make note of is the leather shoe – sometimes with high end shoes these soles tend to wear off and makes the shoe a little dangerous in this weather, therefore I would recommend taking them to a shoe mender and they can put in a rubber sole (I am yet to take my own advice – but yes mum I will do it soon).

Shoes || Fur Gucci Embroidered Slippers

Now on to the fluffy ones!

When I first saw this fluffy things grazing the feet of some of the most fashionable women I was slightly baffled by the business in the front and party at the back look. Over time of seeing them all over Instagram and the blogs I suddenly had the urge to get my hands on a pair. I went to look on Luisa Via Roma, it was not a place I had shopped at before but I had heard several people speaking so highly of this place that I had to put in an order. These black ones with the floral design where just to pretty not to buy and because I did not want to buy a plain coloured pair these were the perfect match. These are hand down the most comfortable shoes to wear, even at this time of year, the fluff keeps your feet nice and warm, and it is like a hug for your feet when it is miserable outside and it also feels like ou are walking on a cloud. it is an ungraded, more fabulous version of the Ugg boot (this means that I am still dressing like the student version of myself but just more fab!)

Comfort 5/5 – as I mentioned before … a hug for your feet! do I need to say any more?

Looks 5/5 – these are beautiful, especially with the floral embroidery which makes the shoe very special.

Durability 4/5 – now these are a 4/5 because of the fluffy bit, because if you get stuck in the rain the fluffy bit will get drenched and that will make walking around not that pleasant. 

Note to all of you, be patient hunt them down online or in store in your size or size up by half and buy them immediately, I promise you will not regret it.


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