Shoe Moment || On Wednesdays we wear pink … on our feet

The Gucci Knot Metallic Sandal in Pink was one of the hardest shoe decisions I have ever had to make, because this beautiful shoe comes in Gold and they are just stunning. As the metallic trend is back this season and this shoe is the perfect addition into your collect to go with your existing wardrobe. I first saw these in store where I saw both colours side by side and tried them both on and I got so flustered and confused I did not buy any because I could not decide which one to get, sure I could have got both but that would mean I would have had to eat toast and beans for a month! I then had a little think and one day I was doing my daily browse on Net-a-Porter and I saw them and they were available in my size (37) and with their wonderful premier service it meant that I received them the next day! I am so glad I bought them in this colour. I decided on the pink because firstly look at them … no seriously LOOK at them! They are gorgeous.  Secondly I feel like I am having a little bit of a pink moment, so I am going to embrace it for now.

With all my monochrome outfits I feel like this will jazz up any outfit (I sound like my dad, I know) even a simple shirt and jeans.

Also, look at the inner sole of this shoe – to be honest this swayed me to buy the shoe and yes, yes no one can see it – but I know it is there! This is also another nod to the wonderful work of Gucci – I am now contemplating as to whether or not I should get this in gold too?! You can never have too many pairs of Gucci shoes, right? 

Comfort 4/5 – they are heels so they were never going to be a 5/5, but as heels go these are very comfortable because at the front of the inner sole part of the shoe it is padded and this makes it easier on the balls of your feet.  The straps on the sandals are made of nice soft leather and as a result they do not cut your feet into ribbons!

Looks 5/5 – They are beautiful sandals and the pink is not too pink and they are such a beautiful metallic pink that will suit all different skin tones.

Do you need them? I hear you ask… HELL YES!

Photos by Lauren Shippey

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